Welcome to High Impact.  

High Impact specializes in Production of plastic products by injection molding.
At High Impact, turnkey services include using our advanced technology to identify the customer's needs, to develop, design and produce prototypes utilizing continual customer feed back to ensure that all needs are met. The cycle continues with mass production of the end product including assembly and packaging with Just in Time delivery to our customer.
The company meets all international standards and offers OEM subcontracting to customers' exact specifications and requirements.
At the beginning of 2014 High Impact celebrated its 20th anniversary by moving the factory to a new and modern production site equipped with the most advanced infrastructure. The factory covers an area of 1,500 sq. meters located in the industrial area of Har Tov B’ near Beit Shemesh.
The new production platform allows us to adequately address the needs of customers and to establish the recognition of High Impact as a quality manufacturer and supplier with strong capabilities in technical products.