Quality Policy
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  •  High Impact defines itself as a manufacturer and a supplier of Plastic Injection assemblage and parts.
  •  High Impact produces precise products for the medical, automotive, agriculture and other industries, based on knowledge, experience and advanced production facilities.
    Quality improvement is an integral part of the company culture in all areas: service provision, production, marketing, training and maintenance.
Customer Centricity
  • High Impact sees a major factor in customer needs, emerging around the industrial process and corporate culture, a culture of quality and service.
  • High Impact believes in the market, and the customer representatives are the factors that define the requirements.
  • The process starts with the needs of the customer.

  • High Impact will strive to keep its place as a leading manufacturer in its field.

Continuous improvement
  • High Impact has a culture of continuous improvement in all areas of its operations.
  • High Impact managers and employees are obliged to act in accordance with the Quality Policy and Procedures of the company.
  • The company operates in economic efficiency and continuous improvement in financial position.

  • High Impact sees its employees, customers and suppliers as the most valuable assets, and sees cooperation as an essential tool for progress and ability to strengthen its competitive advantage.

  • High Impact has a policy of recycling and protecting of environmental values.

  • High Impact carries out all its activities in accordance with company safety rules, while complying with the law and state regulations.

Company Goals:
  • To improve customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement of processes.
  •  Improve business and economic activity.
HIGH IMPACT LTD.  Har Tuv B, Industrial Zone, Beit Shemesh, Israel 9905501 |  Tel. (972) 2-5700536, Fax (972) 2-5700661